ok, so it’s been a while!

i could easily say that i have been way too busy to post, but that really has not been the case. i could also say the nothing exciting has really been happening on the ministry side of things either, but that would also not be the case. i would love to pawn it off on a case of total intimidation and being completely overwhelmed by life, love and pursuit of happiness, but then no one could stand anywhere near me for fear of being struck by lightning because that is a blazing lie!

it is truly a case of laziness. yes ladies and gentleman… you heard it here first, or rather you read it here first… i am lazy. nothing complicated about it… i am just lazy. now that’s not to say that i haven’t been working, because i have. nor is it to say that there haven’t been big things happening around the church, because there have been. nor is it to say that i have not been hanging out with kids, because i have. i guess i can chalk it up to hitting a brick wall, being thrown for a loop concerning my life and then trying to at least get a grip  on reality, which is sometimes difficult to do.

in less than two months i will have been here for an entire year. wow, how time flies when your having fun! and i truly have been having fun. yes, there have been some things in the path of fun that have thrown quite a curve on the fun, but it has been fun none the less. i do enjoy my life here, i just wish i had someone to share it with.

i do know this… God has a plan for all of us. Unfortunately it is on a need-to-know basis, when we need to know, He reveals that part of the plan to us and sometimes we don’t understand why something happens until years down the road. the hardest part of a relationship with God is that we need to trust Him and allow Him the space to do just that, and then rest in the fact that we are being taken care of by Him.

it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!


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