a-team, day #2

what a day, what a day. so this is probably the most mellow day that we as a team will have. i am sure the next three days are going to be long, tiring, exhausting, fun, exciting, full and… well apply any and all adjectives here.

we began the morning gathering with everyone, and i was late. i know shocker. (well, it maybe a shocker for the people who don’t really know me… but for those of you who do know me… it’s no surprise) i claimed my place on the floor and we began going around in the circle saying our names, which team we were on and finishing the following sentence: “by the end of this week, i hope…”

these moments sometimes are scary places from me and i need to truly examine the situation before i can speak out an answer. there is a fine line between sharing where your heart truly is and just being way to out there for everyone to know everything about you. i strive to be transparent, yet at the same time respect my boundaries as well as those unspoken boundaries of large groups like this.  and this time, i think that i succeeded in respecting everyones boundaries.

i realized that i have a lot of hopes for this week. i hope to find a job, or at least a few good leads. i hope to meet new people, and take some new friendships home with me. i hope to have a great time. i hope to laugh a lot. but setting all this aside, here is what i shared:

in this week, i hope that i can just be and enjoy the moment. i also hope that at the end of the week i can sit down and write a long list of things that God did this week, that i have the privilege and blessing to be witness to.

in my adult life i have learned not to live by my hopes, but to put them on the back burner and not expect them. as a Christian, i know that i need to rest all of my hopes on the cross and be open to what God will do with those. numerous times i have said to people that in no way did i ever think that God would bring me to this place and give me the passions that He has given me. i am constantly shocked and bewildered by what He is doing in my life, with my heart, the gifts He has given me, the talents He has blessed me with and the passions that he pours into me.

needless to say, my over reaching hope it to see God this week. it’s to be in His presence with brothers and sisters, worshiping our Creator. it’s to be with the one who knitted use together in our mother’s womb and knew every part of us even before our parents did. it’s to rest in the assurance that we are all wonderfully made and beautifully created in His image. it’s to feel that our sins have been forgiven by the blood shed on the cross for us, by His one and only son. it’s to see the His grace is sufficient for all of us.