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here’s the skinny

when i first arrived, i was a tad bit worried about my blog posting abilities. because i am being frugal with my monetary resources (i.e. i am cheap), i tend to search for free wifi where ever i go. most times i am successful. but i was a little worried due to the fact that the closest signs of wifi i was finding was at Starbucks. in the land of California state workers, most of the Starbucks close at an unreasonable early time.

so this morning when i headed up to the club lounge for our complementary continental breakfast, i noticed a sign that said we had complimentary wifi in the lounge. guess what, i am on it like a youth worker goes after the freebies at convention!

so, instead of penning blog entries through out the day and then posting them at night or when i can find some wifi… i will be able to post them when they are written! yea for me… and you… if there are any you’s out there.