i got new hair today.

new color. new cut. new hair.

it’s red. not little orphan Annie red, but it’s a nice auburn with three pumps of purple and three pumps of red to make it pop. at least that’s what the ladies at the salon said. and when the light shines on it right, the streaks that were formally blond now look really nice.

not sure really what the inspiration was to change, but i do know that it was propelled by the upcoming job interviews and the desire to get the grown out blond out of the hair. but i also think that there is more to it than meets the eye.

sitting in the chair, having six hands section off my hair and apply the purple-red goop to my head, there was a lot of time for me to ponder why i was really wanting to make this change. i was realizing that this change was beginning to turn into something that was very dramatic. i also realized that the changes are big.

the hair is just the precursor to what it to come.