abby’s video of the year

this is my favorite video!

i saw these live during my tenure at sac state a couple of years ago. they were awesome then and they still are! i recently bought their cd off of itunes (it’s on sale!) and it’s great!

hope you enjoy the video!


my geekness…

i have been hearing the buzz about apple, not the fruit but the greatest computer people in the world. (it’s not that i am anti-microsoft… ok, well i kind of am… so sew me! i have a background in graphic design and love my mac… so git over it!)

anyways, the buzz has been that itunes will now be offering movies for download!

so today, not only am i downloading the new justin timerblake (clean version!) and john mayer albums, i will also be purchasing my very first movie!

very, very exciting! i love technology and apple!


i surfed on over to the tv guide page today and this was the poll question for the day:

Does the threat of early cancellation make you reluctant to watch new serial dramas?

  Yes. I don’t want to invest in a story line if the networks will rob me of the conclusion.
  No. I’ll take the risk. Why deprive myself of a good show just because of past failures?

normally these are just silly things that get the reader to engage more with the site and thus be exposed to even more advertising. but when i read this one, i was really taken back by it. are we, American’s, so afraid of commitment that we are concerned that we can’t commit to something as small as a tv show, without being concerned if it will be there next week?

many of my youth pastor friends and i are often engaging in a conversation about commitment, commitment from kids, parents, others in the church and sometimes the church itself. one of the latest statistics i read said that in ten years the USA will only be 4 percent church-going-Christians and the other 96 will most likely be some form of a religion.

no kidding that people are not staying in church and committing to the church. if people are worried about committing to a new tv show, it completely makes sense that people are not going to commit to a church.

so i leave with this question: what would the world look like if Jesus did not commit to follow the plan that God had for Him?

new series

i am starting a new series for the youth group this wednesday night called "may media madness". haven’t decided how long to roll with it, but it will at least last through may.

stay tuned.

ct live

as any good fan would do, i rushed over to my iTunes and purchased chris tomlin’s newest album. (OK, so i know that they are no longer albums and the fact that i purchased it off of iTunes and still use that reference makes me really old.)

i have a habit of listening to new music while working and having it looped, so i listen to every song again and again. i realized that i momentarily forgot the greatness of worship. listening to the crowd in the background takes me back to the first time i heard tomlin while on the passion tour in 2001.

october 26, 2001: the passion tour rolled through sacramento. my friends had told me that i needed to go to the concert, but i really was not wanting to. i went to our friendly local christian bookstore and got the last ticket in sacramento. at the time i didn’t think anything about it, but now i see God’s hand in all of it. i think i felt ever emotion that night. i went to the concert completely not expecting to meet God, but there He was… very sneaky on His part.

i can honestly say that my faith journey has included a lot of music. when i think back to certain events, i can honestly hear a sound track playing.

what’s on your soundtrack?