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"There’s nothing so beautiful as going back to normal."

Mahmoud Sadakah, a taxi driver, on the end of New York’s transit strike.

"We’ve got a transit strike here. I didn’t let it stop me. I had myself Fed-Ex’d to work. There’s terrible traffic here. The city’s like Dick Cheney — every major artery is clogged."

David Letterman, some random monologue joke from this past week


can a church close? pt. 2


i spoke to a pastor that i know about a week ago who, as a person fairly informed about what is happening in the world today, did not know that willow creek was closing its doors to worshipers on Sunday Christmas day. wow, i was surprised.

i think that every church should be open when Christmas day falls on Sunday so that worshipers can have the option to attend or not. really, it only happens once every seven years or so (at least i think).

so, if the big ticket churches are closing their doors to Christ seekers on Sunday Christmas day, what message are they sending to our culture that has created this double meaning about Christmas? are the big ticket churches in fact encouraging the attitude of commercialism this holiday season by closing their doors on Sunday just because it is also December 25?

abby’s needs

this is what you do… go to google and type your name and word needs in quotes, then hit search. you will then have a listing of things that you "need." mine are below.. it is hilarious… honestly, found them all on google.

Abby needs a Home

Abby needs your help

Abby needs a very special home because she is a very special dog.

Abby needs to have a very expensive surgery

Abby is full of energy and needs a fenced-in yard where she can run for fun

Abby needs to go into a home where she is permitted on the furniture

Abby needs to finish her math

Abby needs all the business she can get if she doesn’t want to lose the store

The last thing Abby needs, therefore, is to be attracted to Kipp

Abby needs more

Abby needs him on a level no one ever has before-she needs his strength and caring to work through her despair over her husband’s death

Abby needs to get back on the horse

Abby needs $49.27 to buy new roller blades

Abby needs a hug, or different medications, or maybe both

Abby needs a husband

Abby needs to stand out

Rosa Parks

On this day, a day that will be remembered, the mother of the Civil Rights movement passed away from natural causes.

Known for her tenacity in refusing to move to the back of the bus because she was tired, Parks sat at the front of the bus for her ride home after a long day of work. Her peacefully act of defiance on that Montgomery, Alabama sent ripples through not only her community, but the entire United States.

Parks’ motives were not based on wanting to propel herself into the spotlight, but her motives were because she was not physically tired, but she was tired of the way she was treated because of her skin color. Parks did not look for celebrity, but it found her as her name has been pointed in thousands of history books through out the world.

Parks gave a needed shot in the arm to the Constitution.

Rosa Parks is one of my hero’s.