“America is a mistake, a giant mistake”

ok, before you get too excited and begin that post about how anti-american i am… notice that the above is in quotes!

in no way shape or form do i believe that our country, the one i love so much, is a mistake. as a matter of fact, i think it’s better than sliced bread… it is truly more than that, but hopefully there was a chuckle there, if not at least a smile! (it’s called defusing the situation people!)

one of my feeds into my blog reader is a quote of the day. i love quotes. great one liners that bring it all home. i thinking of starting a graffiti wall somewhere in my home where i can put quotes. today in the reader i found the above quote from sigmund freud and it got me thinking and propelled me to blog about it… hence the title… more eye catching than anything.

freud was a man who is credited for the introduction of psychotherapy and the such to the world. he is also know for his advances in the study of human sexual desire… which could be why is best know for being the guy who was all about sex. which is why i actually think the above quote is somewhat funny, considering the america is one of the most sexually repressed societies in the world today.

yes, i know this is a far reaching statement, and i truly do not have the credentials to really make such a statement. we live in a culture where sex is shunned and something to be embarrassed about, specifically in conservative evangelical churches.

if we turn to scripture, i know… novel concept, we actually see sex as a gift that God has given to a man and a woman who enter into marriage. (make sure you read that statement clearly… between a man and a woman) sex is a catalyst for a man and a woman to grow deeper intimacy between each other as well as God.

mark driscoll, teaching pastor at mars hill church in Seattle, is in the middle of a sermon series on the Song of Songs… and i think it’s brilliant! i will admit that there have been some statements from driscoll that have not set well with me, i find this series to be wonderful. i admire his transparency and his desire to see people know Jesus, fall in love with Jesus and live with Jesus as the center of their lives. i am impressed with his and his wife’s honest answers to the q & a questions at the end of the sermons. but most of all i am really enjoying hearing a man of leadership stand up in the pulpit and proclaim that sex is a great gift from God that we need to be ashamed about and it something that is celebrated in marriage between a man and a woman.

there are many governments in the world that would have sent him to prison, and possibly have had him executed, for making the statements that has has made during this series. we live in a country where freedom of speech and religion is part of the greatness of our country. i am deeply saddened that there are people on this planet whom practice other religions and i might not get to party with them and Jesus. my heart hurts thinking about the multitude of people who choose to not know Jesus or have been soured on him by other christians.

mr. freud… we are not a giant mistake… there is too much history that has happened for you to really know that.