canned bacon


i love the stuff. it’s versatility in the kitchen lends itself to having many uses from flavoring to grease to breakfast meat… bottom line… it rules! or, in the words of Emeril Lagasse, “pork fat rules.”

it’s even multicultural… panchetta (Italy), peameal bacon (Canada), samgyeopsal (Korea), collop (France) are all types of bacon!

my devotion for this versatile breakfast food runs deep, but i must also say that it is something that is saved as a treat and not something that is eaten at ever possible chance. with all that said, and my devotion clearly proclaimed… i dare say that i will never, ever make any attempt at trying the following…

yes, ladies and gentelman… it’s canned bacon. it was one thing when they put already cooked bacon on the shelf in the refridgerator section next to the uncooked bacon. and yet another thing when they placed in on a normal shelf without refridgeration (which is something i am still puzzled by). but now this… what has the culinary world come to for someone to consider canning bacon and thinking that it would be a good idea in any shape or form?