i am a big fan of voting. a week before my 18th birthday i couldn’t wait any longer, and i went down to the post office on day after school and registered to vote. it was exciting to sign my name on my voter registration form. on my way out of the post office that day, i grabbed a stack of voter registration forms and handed them out to all my friends.

just in case you have been living in a cave for the past year, we have an election coming up. for the first time in a while i am torn about who i am going to vote for and most likely i really won’t make my decision until i step up to the voting booth to cast my ballot. there is a little i like about each candidate, and a lot about each candidate that i don’t like. so for me, right now, it’s 50/50.

but i am still a van of voting. and i firmly believe that it is not only our duty to our country and forefathers, but anyone who calls themselves a Christian (which by most studies is about half of our country) has a duty to vote. this isn’t a choice people… not voting is not an option. and if you think it is… then move to canada! (yep, i said move on up north!) i don’t really want to share my country with people who don’t want to vote or who think it’s an inconvenience. there are people on this plant who have given their life for the right to vote, something you or i will never know. ok, enough about that.

i came across this video. it was made by a catholic group encouraging catholics to vote. it’s powerful. it moved me. it reminded me of my passion for voting. in a lot of ways, you can take out the word catholic and replace it with Christian. watch it… pray about… think about it… and go vote!