iced animal cookies

a moment of silence

about a week ago we lost one of the great ones. the ovens were shut off, the doors were closed and the delivery trucks were forever parked. never again will a grocery store receive a fresh delivery of mother’s cookies.

for me, this is one more piece of my childhood gone. many childhood memories centered around have the iced animal cookies for snack. how can one forget the iced cookies with the tiny colorful sprinkles all over them. or the holiday ones… orange and black for halloween; green, red and white for christmas; or even the red, white and blues one for our independence day celebrations. they were always the first to go in the cookie parade bag, but then i discovered the chocolate sandwich cookies with the fudge center… after those were gone i would loose interest in the cookie parade.

tonight, in honor and memory of cookie history, i set out on a mission. to purchase mother’s iced animal cookies for the last time. i began my adventure at winco, while doing my other grocery shopping for the week. no success, there were a couple bags of cookie parade left on the shelf, but i refused to settle… insisting on pure, unadulterated bags of iced animal cookies.

several hours later i made a visit to target… failure again. then to o’briens, a locally owned grocer, and discovered the mother’s cookies are indeed on sale… creating a much bigger demand then they can supply. after picking up a bag of fat cat scones, found in the freezer section and because o’brien is across town and not a place i regularly shop at, i continue my journey to smart & final.

i enjoy smart & final. i entered the store as someone on a mission. i immediately sought out the aisle signs to locate the correct aisle cookies would be on, and once i spotted the sign i headed in that direction. almost like a hunter who caught the sent of its prey, i was on the trail of these cookies. i knew that i would be successful, eventually. there was no way that the people of modesto would completely buy out all the iced animal cookies in all of modesto… no way, no how.

as i approached the aisle i  began identifying other cookie paraphernalia. i scanned from the top of the aisle to the bottom, making sure not skip a shelf. the mother’s logo caught my eye… for a bag of chocolate chip cookies. no offense to their chocolate chip cookies or to anyone who is a fan, but they don’t float my boat. they don’t do what the iced animal cookies do for me.

disappointment began to set in and i began reformulating my game plan for the next location, when my eye spotted white and pink. could it be? really… am i starring at a dozen or so bags of mother’s iced animal cookies? yes, yes i was. immediately a smile appeared on my face. i was thrilled and relieved. i had completed a successful mission. i looked around the store, grabbed a bottle of sesame ginger marinade for the chicken that i will be grilling tomorrow and walked to the check-out with four bags of mother’s iced animal cookies in hand.

sure, i got a couple of weird looks, but no one identified what was really happening. nobody acknowledged that this would be the end of an era. nobody talk to me about how future generations will never know the joy that is to be had while sharing a bag of mother’s iced animal cookies or opening you lunch box and finding a sandwich baggy containing the cookies.

it’s a sad moment in culinary history… thanks for the memories.