my mom made sure i knew my manners. when growing up it was drilled into to me to say please and thank you all the time. we also didn’t mention bodily functions (i.e. farting, burping, etc.) in public, much less in the privacy of our home. and if there was a need to mention it, then it was always passing gas… and heaven forbid if i were to ever burp out loud. the bottom line here is that my manners were on the uber sensitive scale, as to not offend anyone. i am sure that she would have instituted a household rule that i was to wear skirts or dresses all the time, if she wasn’t so confident that i would stage a coupe!

today i had an urge to throw out all my manners and rip a lound one in the ladies room at the olive garden today. my inspiration, you may ask, was due to the fact that in the very stall next to me, the woman using the rest room was also talking on her cell phone in full conversation.

once i realzed what was happening, i was in shock. i had this friend in high school whom i would spend hours on the phone with, not evey day, but enough. at any given time during our conversation i would hear the toilet flushing in the background and he would then inform me that he had just been in the bathroom… completing his business while we were in mid conversation. i was always completely appaled and discusted by it.

i understand this: when you gotta go, you gotta go! but come on people… really in a public restroom!?!i wanted the loud bodily noise to happen… so when we were standing side-by-side at he wash basin, there would be the akuward silence… which i would just greet her with a warm smile and be on my way.

here’s the lingering question… was what she was talking about really that important that she couldn’t hang up for three minuets to pee? i mean come on, really!

this is one set of manners that my mom didn’t anticipate when teaching me… do i need a refresher? should i ask her for my money back for an incomplete education?

by the way… there is actually an International Center for Bathroom Etiquette