I’m inquisitive beyond necessity, always looking for a new culinary adventure, and hope to one day leap over tall buildings in a single bound. Okay, so I always find necessity in my inquisitions and there are many folks who are thankful for my frequent sought after adventures in my kitchen… and sometimes theirs!

I’m a native of Sacramento, CA. I have lived here all my life… ok, except for the four years I lived in Modesto, CA. I grew up in the very middle class, very blue collar neighborhood next to the local university. Far enough away to be suburbia, yet close enough for my mom to hit the sales at the downtown Macy’s.

So far, life has been a journey… and what a ride it’s been. God has seen fit to enroot a love for Sacramento in me with a vision to see significant transformation within the families and thus the city. Wow! That’s a big pie of transformation. Right now my piece of the pie is working with high school students. We go where they are, befriend them, and earn the right to share the Gospel with them. We have been blessed to see transformation in students, their families, and even in folks who are giving what they can to see the mission fulfilled in Sacramento.

10363835_10152449356625619_1894473109111126695_n (1)

Serving the finest, aged sharp cheddar cheese from at can at the Tacky Prom 2014.




  1. Hey I like your blog. Just skimmed through a bunch of posts. I like the Don Miller post quite a bit. Thanks for doing what you do and living where you live. If you are coming to nywc this year make sure to say hi.

  2. Hi Abby… my name is Jeff Zaugg and I’m trying to track you down for the NYWC volunteer role… Will you still be joining us? I might have your wrong email adress??

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