a post a day… for thirty days.

Hi world, it’s been a while. Almost two years to be exact. You see, I’ve been a bit busy… life has somewhat gotten in my path and stumped my creative endeavors. Well, to be more accurate, I’ve actually been funneling my creative energies into life. But that is all about to change.
I’m jumping in with both feet! Just like ripping a band-aid off a hairy man’s arm, I’m just going to do it. Starting August 1, I will be posting one blog post a day. Now, here is the fun little twist… I now have two blogs! Yep, you read that one right! So here is how this will work: I will be posting one post a day one each blog! I know, crazy!
This space will remain more centered around my personal thoughts and events, while the other space will be more concentrated on food and happenings of life livin’ on the grid. I’m making the distinction of the two different spaces for a couple of reasons. First, I have a lot to say… it’s been two years! Second, I have been encouraged by many folks to take my passion for all things food to the interwebs. Sharing my joy of all things food will only be a good thing for the world!
Finally, I want two unique spaces that will represent two pretty distinct spaces in my life. But as distinct as those spaces are, they also do intersect with each other a lot. I can’t talk about food without at some point mentioning the Creator, yet because food has such a significant place in my world, I can’t talk about the Creator without mentioning food. So, there will be intersection and cross referencing and jumps to the other blog, all things that will most likely make my head spin, but it is what it will be.
And I’m excited about that. I’m excited about the new discoveries that will bubble up in this new phase of this great adventure I’m living. I’m excited for the new experiences that I’ll share with all of you. God’s got a great plan… join me for the ride!

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