i flipped a coin

although it was right down the street, i googled the address to make sure i knew precisely where it was located. i found it, pulled into the last parking spot available in the small lot and went inside. as soon as the door opened i was reminded that this was an assisted living facility.

i followed the signs down the hall to the converted recreation room. half full, Styrofoam cups of coffee and half eaten cookies were laying on the covered grand piano greeted me as i walked in the room. i often wonder if i missed the rush of voters to the polling place or were they yet to come. from what i saw on the piano, i missed any rush that had happened.

i checked in with the workers, signed my name and took my ballot to the booth. i knew what i was voting on the propositions, so i pulled out my yellow post-it that was serving as my cheat sheet and began filling in the bubbles. (i did have a moment where i had a flash back to high school while i was filling in the bubbles…)

then came the elected officials. there were a few candidates that got my vote out the gate, a few more that i hemmed and hawed over, and then there was the choice for governor. i had a choice: meg or jerry. and truth be told, i didn’t like either choice. i don’t think that either of them will be great for my state, nor do i think they will be great for me as a citizen of my state. so, i did the unthinkable. i flipped a coin.

as i stood at the booth, i reached in my pocket and pulled out a quarter. this wasn’t a luck quarter, in fact it will be added to the pile that will pay for my laundry. but in this very moment, this quarter will make the decision for me… it will tell me if i fill in the bubble next to meg or jerry.

i flipped the coin and filled in the bubble. there… done. it was that easy. yet, at the same time, it was that hard. i don’t like the direction our state government is going, so i am voted because my vote matters. but as much as it matters, i let a quarter make the decision for me. not because i didn’t know the issues or was uninformed, but because i didn’t want to make the decision. i didn’t want to choose between the e-bay queen or moonbeam. i wanted a name to appear on the ballot that i could rejoice over and feel confident that the next four years could bring positive movement for our state, instead back-stabbing jabs that have brought a dark cloud over our state.

so glad, in the end, and now from the beginning, i completely rest on the fact that no matter how bad things are with our state government, Jesus with always be the guy i go to for change.


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