a week before my eighteenth birthday i went to the post office, filled out a voter registration form and mailed it. it was a great moment. i remember as a kid when i would go with my parents when they went to vote. it was fun, it was exciting and i couldn’t wait to do it on my own.

today i get to do it again. i get to walk up to the poling booth and cast my vote.

as a woman, i know that there were many women who fought for me, to give me the ability to vote. i also know that there are people on this planet today who are fighting to gain the right, the privilege to vote. and some of those will die in that fight.

but, to be honest, i don’t want to vote today. i have no desire to vote for the best candidate… because there are no “best” candidates. i feel as though i can’t even pick the best of the worst. i change the channel every time a commercial comes on tv that wants to tell why their opponent is not a good choice, instead of telling me why they are a good choice. it’s all bad.

but, no matter how disappointed i am in my “elected” officials, i will go to the polls today and make a choice. not because i feel or believe that one is better than the other, because i truly feel that neither of them are good for my state or for me as a citizen, but i will go because i will honor those who fought for my right to do this. i will go to exercise my responsibility as a citizen of my city, my county, my state and my country. i will go because for every vote i don’t caste, someone around the world is dying for their right to vote and i would have just squander mine away because i don’t like the candidates.

i truly believe that one of the only ways that my voice, and the voices of my fellow citizens, will be heard is through my vote. therefore, i vote.


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