12: glee

it was on sale, so i bought the entire first season of glee. here is why i love glee…

  • music… love it all! i love the power of all the voices together singing the show tunes, the ballads, the soft rock, the hard rock, the funk, the r&b… all of it! (although i am still puzzled by the reference of one by u2 as “classic rock”…. )
  • i love the underdog! never thought i would be one who does, but those are the stories that i resonate with… maybe because i feel that i have been the underdog most of my life
  • i love the characters! from will to rachel to finn to quinn… that are all great. (i will have to admit that sue is my favorite, but coach beiste is a second runner up)
  • i love that they are not afraid to talk about taboo topics… i thought it was brilliant that quinn got pregnant while the president of the absence club.
  • i love the celebrity episodes… i loved the madonna episode as well as the brittany spears episode.

that’s why i love glee… i’ll admit it… i’m a gleek!


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