11: slacker

yep, that pretty sums up where i am at with my “i am going to post something everyday” endeavor. but, i must say that it’s not because i have forgotten or don’t want to… it really is because i have had a ton happening. here a quick run down…

  • youth events… an overnighter squeezed in there for good measure too!
  • sunday school, bible study & wednesday night prep
  • new computer! this has been great… it’s a mac too! but, in getting a new computer, i am the guinea pig, i am the one who is testing all the switch over to see if we can fully integrate macs into out network at the church and to see what needs to be done.
  • i am the official emergency ‘it’ person for my parents… two people who know so stinkin’ little about computers, they should be mandated to take a beginners class!
  • lots of relational stuff
  • uummmm… i know there is more, but it’s not coming to mind at the moment!
  • oh yeah, and i’ve tried to have a life… not trying real hard… but trying nonetheless!

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