9: my faith, my tattoos

1.  Describe your tattoo(s):
i have two… the first is a large celtic cross, with the trinity symbol in the center. the second is a word in hebrew that means grace. because the actual word grace is not in the old testament, but the concept is. the cross is is traditional black ink, the hebrew word is in white ink with a subtle shadow.

2.  What made you want that tattoo(s)?
i had wanted one for a while… because they were cool. but i always talked myself out because of the needle factor. after a nasty breakup with a former boyfriend, i woke up on morning wanting the mark of God on me… permanently. i got in touch with my tattoo guy and we went from there.
the second was about six months later when i felt had come to pretty solid of understanding of God’s grace in my life and the importance of it.

3.  How did your faith influence your tattoo, indirectly or directly?
it’s my Jesus freak! i wouldn’t of have done it if it not were a direct demonstration of my faith. because of my aversion to needles and the family schism it would cause, i was looking to avoid it.

4.  What’s the relationship between your tattoo and your broader understanding of your body?
under the cross, i had romans 12:1&2 tattooed on it… this is my worship, my living sacrifice.  because i fully believe that we are first created to be in full worship with God, this is a part of it for me. it needed to be in a place that i could see regularly (and i really didn’t want it on my arms, wrists or hands) for that constant reminder of my dedication of worship to God on a daily basis.

5.  Was it worth it…do you have regrets?
completely worth it… no regrets at all!

6.  What funny story has happened because of your tattoo?
well, because my mom correlates tattoos with being in prison (she is a retired correctional officer), i hid it from her… and was successful until a faithful easter day about a year and half later. i was wearing pants, but at the angle each of us was sitting at, she had a direct view of it. my step dad sitting next to her saw it but didn’t saw anything about it. all of a sudden she jumps up off the couch, walking towards me with a finger pointed at my leg, saying, “what the hell is that?” i, of course knowing what is talking about but being me says, “what are you talking about? oh, you mean my tattoo.”
after a few expletives (remember she was a c.o.) i then added fuel to the fire and showed her my other one. to then add even more to fuel to the fire, my stepdad says, “well, now that abby has one, i can get one too!” then he got up, came over to me and gave me a big telling me how proud of me he was!
she’s totally over it now!

7.  How did your tattoo change your faith (and if not, why not)?
because of it, i am more bold. my faith is my serious business, and not that i didn’t take it serious before or wasn’t bold before, but now instead of me always engaging people, they now engage me. and the people who do engage me about it, were not they people that i would have engaged. it’s really gotten me to step out of my box.


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