10: random

just a couple of random thoughts for the day…

  • one of my the most popular posts on this here blog is ” ‘america is a mistake, a giant mistake‘ “… and they are mostly russians who read it… uummm, i thought the cold war was over? (it’s actually a post about sex)
  • last post was about my tattoos… got a lot of hits… maybe i should write more about tattoos…
  • my gmail got hacked… yike! DON’T CLICK ON THE LINK!
  • i am still in love with my new, yet still nameless, mac
  • God is growing me… BIG TIME!!! and i’ve got some serious growing pains happening
  • trying to redeem myself where the blog business is concerned… i’ve got three more posts today…

that is all! keep calm & carry on!


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