6: food, pt. 3

i am going to continue with this food series… because food is great! but also, because i love good food. food created with love, good ingredients and while enjoyed with friends… that’s the best!

another reason i love spending labor day weekend in sacramento is the greek food festival. pretty simple, it’s a church fundraiser for the greek orthodox church in sacramento. it doesn’t change much (the older i get, the more i appreciate stability in these type of things). we know the lay of the land, how things work, the best way to get the best “greek” experience we can. here’s how this works…

first, we check out the internet for coupons! although it’s only $5 to get in, the $2 we save at the door mean another cookie or another piece of spankopita! (come on… it’s all about the food)

second, we formulate the game plan. if you plan it right with the people you go with, you can try almost everything on the menu! from the spankopita to the patistio to the lamb (not a lamb fan, so i vote the chicken), we are all in this for eating good food and walking out of here stuffed… so planning is essential!

third, we get our food… sit down and eat… oh, wait… don’t forget about a beverage… coke (major sponsor) or a greek beer anyone. when in rome… er, athens, right?

forth, we eat! but remember to always pace yourself… taste the good food that the greek ladies having been spending months preparing! don’t forget to dave room for a little dessert!

fifth, need to talk a walk. walk around… enjoy the exhibits, see the market… just long enough for your meal to settle and to prepare for the greek pastries!

finally, head over to the pastries and coffee. being allergic to walnuts (boo hoo… i love the baklavah!) i need to be very careful about what i do eat. i always get the kourambiedes… wonderful butter cookies covered in a heavy dusting of powdered sugar… wonderful!

that’s it… pretty simple… but oh, so good!


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