4: laboring

this weekend has always been some what somber for me. it means the end to the summer, not that i like summer all that much anyway, and the beginning of the school year. i was blessed enough to have hallmark days like labor day to signify the end of something and the beginning of something else, unlike other school districts where they start school at the beginning of august!

but i find myself spending this weekend laboring, instead of relaxing. i have completed two days of 12-14 hours at work… working. i will also say that i do have a new love… but that’s for tomorrow’s post!

a friend of mine recently told me that i know how to be a workaholic, but i don’t know how not to be. i have spent the last year more aware of my workaholic tendencies than ever before, and i truly feel that i have made great strides in trying not to be my normal workaholic. but no matter how self aware i have become or still need to become, i am constantly reminding myself that i need to slow down and listen for God. not just in the moments that i think about it, but it needs to a full-tilt, completely active response to everything that crosses my desk… to everything that crosses my path in my life.

i’ve recently stared to repeat to myself: keep calm and carry on. i know that i can only truly keep calm with God and i can only truly carry on with God. nothing more and certainly nothing less. so, this weekend as i am laboring to clear my desk, clean my apartment and maybe even clean out my car, i need to remember to keep calm while resting in the hands of God, and carry on with the full knowledge and strength that He is there.


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