3: food, part 2

we were in what seemed like it could be a food heaven. the eat real food fest at jack london square in oakland, ca was off to great start! taco trucks in a row like dominoes with deep lines of people waiting to grab a hold of their tasty offerings. a-frame sandwich boards held their offerings, from tacos filled with korean bbq to hand rolled lumpia, they had it all.

but we were led astray from the taco trucks by the lingering smell of bbq wafting through the crowd. we made our way over to the trailer to check out their offerings, and it was simple: bbq-ed sausage with bbq-ed corn or pimento cheese. we got in line and both got the pimento cheese. i was looking forward to reliving sandwiches from my past, white bread with pimento cheese and deviled ham. (sans the white bread and deviled ham.) oh my goodness… this was southern culinary brilliance at it’s best. it was a bbq-ed hot link, sauced with a mild bbq sauce, and the mild pimento cheese lent for the appropriate heat smoldering that was needed because of the sausage. it was fablous!

at this point in the evening we were feeling pretty satisfied. the portions were just right and so were the prices. (not one item in the entire festival is over five dollars… and free admission to boot!) because there was an abundance of ice cream vendors, we knew we need to have some. (and truth be told, i was in line for some wicked heart burn because of the spicy-ness of the sausage.) heather found some great gelato, but that wasn’t doing it for me. i wondered down to the straus family creamy booth. now, i am no newbie to straus, they have darn good ice cream. i opted for a double scoop: chocolate on the bottom and mint chip on top. i have had their chocolate… dutch chocolate that is and it’s wonderful. but the mint chip is something that i had not yet tried… and i love it. wonderfully creamy, wonderfully smooth and wonderfully minty… all-in-all, it was wonderful!

after all was said and done, great drink and great food, we headed home. just a slight tour of the lower hills of the oakland hills, otherwise known as macarthur blvd. (not the greatest part of town), filling up the tank, we were of the way home.

that night i went to sleep with dreams of good food, at good prices, with sustainable ingredients and a whole lotta fun!


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