2: food, part 1

i love good food. not in an obsessive way where i eat all the time, truth be told i have forgotten a meal or two, but in a way where i love and appreciate good food.

last week i took off to spend a leisurely friday afternoon and evening at jack london square in oakland, ca for the eat real food fest. upon arrival i set my sights on great things of food… taco trucks galore, white pop-up tent after white pop-up tent filled with ice cream vendors, and creme brulee vendors and guys tossing pizzas into a brick wood fired over, oh my! i felt that i could have possibly arrived in food heaven!

heather, old college friend, and i walked around, with drinks in hand, checking out our culinary possibilities as well as planning our attack. we knew we had to be careful and methodical about what we were going to eat and when. we decided to phase in the courses of our meal, wanting to prolong our experience as much as possible. we know that good food deserves our utmost attention and in order to savor the true tastes of the food, we will need to cherish every bite. but out bottom line was calling… we were hungry!

first out… pallea! she had the seafood and had the meat… it was wonderful. perfectly cooked rice, great flavored sausage… every bite was wonderful. we sat and savored… it was great. when all was done, i wanted more… but i knew that there would be more to taste and therefore i would have to pace myself.

as we were walking and planning the next phase of our attack i was noticing people with these tiny jars of what appeared to be some sort of goodness, after all there were plenty of people with them. then we saw it, the pop-up where they were coming from. two men standing there with torches… it had to be creme brulee, and it was. we stood in the modest line trying to decide the flavor we wanted. heather went for the grand marnier and went traditional with vanilla. we ordered, they popped off the top of the jar, sprinkled sugar and applied the fire. it bubbled, it caramelized… it was finally bruleed! they replaced the lid, handed it to us with a spoon and we were on our way. it was wonderfully creamy and oh so good!

we didn’t stop there… tomorrow… or later today… part 2!


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