1: ten things to change the world

CNN recently had a ditty on their website about things we could do to change the world. i like that idea… after all i want this world to be a better place. after reading the list, i was inspired to write my own because i think there are some significant things that were missing off the list. i did, however, use some of the items that were mentioned on the CNN  list.

10. sponsor a child ~ this seems simple, after all we’ve all seen sally struthers plea in a late night infomercial about how important it is to sponsor a child. but the truth is, no matter how cheesy these infomercials are, sponsoring a child could mean the difference between that child going to school, eating balanced meals and the most important thing: hope. Check out World Vision or Compassion International.

9. lend small amounts of money to fight poverty… microfinance ~ i remember when i was a kid asking my dad for a loan of $20 to buy supplies for a lemonade stand. i even sold him on the idea that it was a “great investment.” (i think i watched too much families ties back in the day) well, i got that $20 investment and set up a lemonade stand. because i lived on a street where there was not a constant traffic flow, i really didn’t make any money. but i did make some great lemonade. this was micorfinance, in it’s simplest terms. join with organizations like HOPE International and help men and women around the world pull themselves and their families out of poverty and become self-sufficient.

8. hippo roller ~ no, this is not about rolling hippos down a hill… although that could be fun, if it didn’t hurt the hippo and the hippo wouldn’t attack us. the truth is, those of us who live in industrialized nations take the ability to turn on a faucet and have clean, drinkable water come out of it for granted. thousands of women and children around the world spend their days walking miles upon miles to the nearest water hold, no matter how far, to bring water back to their home. the hippo water roller project allows up to 24 gallons of water to be transported at once.

7. pot in a pot ~ a.k.a zeer pot… this is a pot with in a pot or a simple food keeper in the dessert. here’s how this works, a small pot is placed in large pot with sand in between, water is then added to the sand. the smaller pot then serves as the way to preserve food. families would have food that would go rotten within a day or two, but with a zeer pot some food items can last almost three weeks. without the ability to preserve their crops, families in countries such as north darfur and blue nile state can suffer from hunger and starvation.

6. seed bomb ~ have you ever been in a city and walked passed an empty lot where the weeds are over grown and the death of neglect is apparent? well, have no fear, because seed bombs are here! they are balls made of clay, compost and seeds that are placed in a convenient vending machines and can be thrown anywhere a little green is needed.

5. read your bible ~ it’s pretty easy really… choose you favorite translation, open it up and read. or there are also a ton of “reading plans” you can follow… here’s oneand anotherand another. pick one you like and go from there!

4. take a walk ~ enjoy nature, appreciate God’s creation… and reduce your carbon footprint all at the same time!

3. toms shoes ~ urban hipsters are wearing them the world over, but these shoes are full of soul! for every pair of shoes sold, toms donates a pair of shoes to a child in need. this month toms is on track to give it’s one millionth pair!

2. slow down ~ it sounds simple, but i challenge anyone to really do this. we live in such a fast paced society that we miss some of the simple things, and in out efforts to speed things up we are missing out on good food, good friends and our magnificent God.

1. love God, love others ~ it sounds simple, and it can be, but to put it into practice can be difficult. Jesus tells us in matthew that the greatest commandment is that we are to love God with all our hearts, all our soul and all our mind. then we are to love our neighbor as our self.


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