i removed it

every once in a while i come across something on you tube that someone has sent me, i found because i was looking for something else or someone showed me.  yesterday a friend showed me a video on you tube that i personally thought was hilarious, and thus i posted it on facebook. i also knew that posting it, there could be some friends who would not think it was great and might even be offended by it.

the video is of a man dressed as Jesus, and dressed really badly. he is lip syncing to gloria gaynor’s “i will survive” while he is dancing and prancing around a city setting. then all of a sudden he is hit by a bus and the closing screen is a “in loving memory” page.

i have been thinking about a couple of things since i posted it and read the interaction of all the comments. first, if you know me i would hope that you know my heart. i fully take what Jesus did on the cross for me and everyone else seriously. the painful death he incurred for all of us is more than we deserve. second, i take my relationship with Jesus very seriously. my relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship in my life. third, i do my best to present an honest depiction of Jesus to the world, and i am a sinner who is saved by grace. my sins where atoned for when Jesus died on the cross, and that is something i am thankful for on a daily basis.

i think the thing that has made me most uncomfortable about all of this is that there is a ton of humor that diminishes the Kingdom of God produced on a daily basis. a friend of mine once said that if it doesn’t build up the Kingdom, then it tears it down. in my haste, i did not put the decision of posting this you tube video on facebook through this filter. although this was funny, it does not in any way build up the Kingdom of God and therefore aids in the attempt to tear it down. i need to be better about putting things through this filter myself, but i also have a responsibility because of my calling to ministry and to the Kingdom.

But the question that lingers with me is this: why is something of this subject matter not ok, when humor that tears down women or any other human being, wonderfully created by God, ok?

i think we completely miss the boat of what is truly funny.


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