just a few random nuggets in the life and times of me…

i leave in a few days with a group of 13 high schoolers and 4 other adults for a mission trip in inner city san diego.

this will by my first full mission trip… and i’m leading it… what’s wrong with that picture?

i have decided to start writing everyday for at least 15+ minutes. why did i decide to start doing this the week before the mission trip?

i am going to indiana in july… it’ll be hot.

i have a new air mattress for my trip… and i’m excited about that.

i want to kick this writers block that i’ve had for the last 3 or so years in the butt.

i want to kick in the face this fear of my writing being rejected from publishers.

i want to learn how to kayak.

i still think God is awesome for bringing me back to sacramento. (and for many other thing too)

i am excited to come home from san diego and go to pinkberry.

not sure why, but i am actually looking forward to my birthday this year.

i will never know how much it cost to see my sins up on the cross.

i am hungry… going to get a snack now.


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