it’s like riding a bike

at least that’s what it felt like. tonight was my first “real” youth group at my new gig. it’s been several weeks, so some of the relationship have already started forming. and technically we already had two youth group meetings. the first was the “kick-off” which i treated as a meet-and-greet. it was kind of boring if you ask me, but i think it was a wise decision considering my deep fears of making the same mistakes i made in previous place.

last week i was at the national youth workers convention in the city of angles… and that in and of itself deserves a series of postings on it’s own. but, as the good youth worker i left detailed instructions.

tonight was the night to get into the grove. it was the night that i would be able to see if the planning i had done would pay off. i know i can program with my eyes closed, with one had tied behind my back and standing like flamingo. (i know that’s big talk… but i think i can bring it)

what i am saying here is this… i want more for the church of today. i want more than to just challenge them and send them on their way. i want to walk along side them while they are being stretched, while they are asking the tough questions, when they have the tough problems, when they reach what they perceive to be the bottom of the barrel and are searching for anything that will love them.

tonight we talked about foundations and where we are building ours on, what is in our foundations and what influences them. i want to spend the next five letting the kids in on me… who i am and where i came from. i feel as though i am taking a chance in doing it this way, but i also feel that if i am expecting them to be in this (which i am) i need to communicate to them that i am in on this too. (which i am)

there was so much that hit me this past week at convention. from being with the tribe to the many light bulb moments… it was all good. i feel like i am where i was created to be. i feel as though this will be the greatest chapter in my story thus far. when don miller was talking about how his life was something that was boring and not worthy of a movie, there are times in which i rejoice in the boring and dread the movie worthy moments.

there are so many things happening right now that are not new and have the confidence of doing what i know, yet seeing it all in a new light. perspective is an amazing and interesting thing.


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