500 percent!

me & dadin the last 30 years, the incidents of esophegical cancer has increased by 500 percent. that’s crazy!

if i close my eyes and think about it, i can remember the day like it was yesterday. it was a bright, warm july afternoon. i was sitting in the living room killing time until i was to head out for vbs planning meeting at church. i didn’t know that my life would forever be different after i picked up the ringing phone.

my dad was calling. he didn’t sugar coat it, he didn’t beat around the bush (which is something greatly appreciated about him)… he just came out and said it: “i’ve got cancer.”

there was no easy way to put it. there was no sugar coating it or beating around the bush with something like this. it was real. it was raw. it was truthful.

13 years later, my heart still skips a beat remembering the pain i felt when i first heard those words. i felt helpless in my dad’s fight for his life just as i do now in knowing the esophageal cancer is on the rise. i watched as the cancer stripped him for his ability to earn a decent income, enjoy his life and live it to it’s fullest.

i am not a doctor, nor am i independently wealthy and able to fund major medical research. but what i can do is participate in relay for life.

relay for life is the american cancer society’s fundraising event that bring people together to raise much needed funds in order fight cancer.  i will spend 24 hours (give or take a couple) at Johansen HS, here in Modesto, serving as the captain for my team, but also walking a lap or two or three around the track.

please considering in joining me in my effort to fight cancer! jump on board at your local relay for life event, or you can sponsor me through my website.

thank you.

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