every year i say i am going to give something up for lent… then it never really works out well for me… i guess it’s a lack of will power issue. but this year is different.

i am a different person. i am in a different place. therefore, i know i can do better this year. here is what i am giving up:

  • fast food
  • fasting every Tuesday (from sum up to sunset)
  • creating purposeful experiences with God outside of my norm

those are three big things, which will require some decent sized life changes for me.

fast food… let’s me be a slave to convince.

fasting every Tuesday… why the heck not!

creating purposeful experiences with God outsid of my norm… i need this. we all need to do this at some point. if anything, this past year i have grown closer to God and my understanding of Him is clearer since i have moved her to Modesto. But my desire is to always be more intentional about my time with Him, and i have gotten to the point where i need things that are out of the box.

so that’s what happening with lent this year. i got 40 days to get it done… well, actually 37.


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