a-team, day #4

today was a pretty mellow day for the team. we helped out with the women in youth ministry lunch and did a seminar break in. we also organized some stuff, hung some stuff, affirmed some people and did some other things. i took some time today to walk through the hall ways. no agenda, no destination… just walk.

i saw people talking on their cell phones, people walking very quickly, people checking their email, people sitting together having a meal, people in deep conversation, people laughing together, people napping and people in prayer. all of it was so random, yet it all seemed to make so much sense. it all seemed to be natural, something that was expected instead of something that was so out of the ordinary that it seemed weird.

it always amazes me when i am in a place where i see all of these things and they all feel so natural. but i do remember when i didn’t feel so natural to me, in fact it felt kind of odd. i remember that point in my faith journey where praying in public or even talking about Jesus was such a forbidden subject for me. it wasn’t because i was afraid of people’s reactions, but it was more of something that just felt odd. it felt as though this was such a personal thing for me that i need to keep it just that… personal. i felt as though it was something that i didn’t need to share with anyone. i remember walking down the street or somewhere else and seeing a couple of people praying in public and thinking it was really odd.

the place i find myself now is full of relief and expectation. my relief comes from the place that i really don’t care what people think when i pray. yes, i do pray a lot in private. yet, at the same time it does not really matter when i do pray because that is me talking to God. either offering up a prayer for someone on their behalf or for myself, i am talking directly to God.

my expectations are full of wanting to see others be so comfortable with their relationship with God that they are willing to pray at a drop of the hat, no matter where they are or what they are doing. the see a need, hear about a need or meet someone in need, they pray.

i saw all of this today while strolling through the halls of the convention center. two people praying with each other, someone finding a quite corner in a busy convention center to catch some time with God, a group lifting up one of their own because they are going through some rough times… all of this brought a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart.


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