a-team, day #3

wow… what a day today has been! not sure really where to start, so let’s start with the beginning. i reported for duty at 7 a.m. … ok, it was really like 7:10 a.m. and we got a standing ovation when we walked into the room. nonetheless it was really early! we began the day with prayer. we ventured around to the different locations for the convention and prayed over the areas, the people staffing the areas and the ministry that will be happening in the area this weekend.

it is so good to be a part of group where you are a volunteer and only with them for a short time, yet are truly treated like one of the staff. it’s been really great to be apart of this, and will walk away with great memories.

the rest of the day went by quicker than i think any of us really anticipated. we set up the registration playground, walked around affirming people, did our first seminary break-in and set up the affirmation station. it is truly a blessing to see someone in a hall way, who is not smiling, and then by handing them a bouncy ball, the instantly light up. it’s as though i made their day by giving them a bouncy ball with a smiley face… the only place i know this happens is here.

content wise, the convention is off to a great start and is deserving of an entire entry on it’s own. so far, a lot of the things that have been said, i will be revisiting them because they have already had an impact on me.


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