a-team, day #1

ok, so we really didn’t do a-team stuff today. but we did do store stuff… meaning stocking book shelves, folding t-shirts… you know, typical stuff. we had lunch at la bou (one of my favorite places in sac!) and then headed back to the hall for a team meeting. we sat in a big circle… very youth group style… and shared. we told our stories.

i sometimes forget that we can all come from different places, have different experiences, different trials, different joys, different hopes, different expectations and yet still be able to connect on a very familiar level. from bad church experiences to allowing wedges to be put between ourselves and God to feeling beat up, we all have very different stories, but can all be called youth workers.

i won’t lie, i enjoy the fun of convention. i enjoy the laughs, the music, the worship and the serious ridiculousness of what happens at the convention. but i also enjoy the worship, the speaking, the looking and seeking the Lord. i enjoy the fellowship. i enjoy knowing that although my story is different, there is still some similarity with the people who i share a convention hall with during general sessions.

i am here with my people, my tribe. i am here with people who are going through the same things that i am or have gone through them as some point. i am gathering with a people group that identifies with each other on a level that i have never experienced before. in a lot of ways, i wish that this could last… oh, let’s just say forever. this is fun. this is exciting. this is a safe place. this is a place that i know that i will meet God. this is a place that i know i will be able to focus on Him.


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