the a-team

yep, that’s right folks… i am on the a-team. no, it’s not a remake of the classic 80’s tv show in which a group of misfits run rampant all over the country posing as “robin hood” types being chased by the law. (btw… i loved that show as a kid. when i went to universal studios for a family vacation, there was a weird a-team easter egg hunt happening and the main character came of of the red sea wearing a dinosaur costume while smoking a cigar… needless to say, this non-church going kid was a little confused about the parting of the red sea event for a while after that vacation)

this a-team is a little different… we are the affirmation team for the national youth workers convention in sacramento. basically we get to go around the convention and affirm people all day long. most of the time we will be throwing in a ton of fun, but there will also be the times when we will be prayerful and supportive for people who need it.

i am excited about this for several reasons…
i get to have fun! (i ain’t gonna lie)
I will be able to celebrate youth workers and all that they do
i get the awesome privilege of affirming youth workers and let them know that they are making a difference in kids lives, the lives of parents, the lives of people in their churches that they are serving, the lives of people in the community and many, many more

stayed tuned for the further chronicles of the a-team.


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