i have arrived

i impressed myself today… i was more ready than i normally am when leaving for a stay away from home. i was late for my morning breakfast, but that was about it. went to work, got a lot accomplished for the short amount of time i was there, jumped in the car and headed north.

on my way up today i was thinking about expectations, and it occurred to me that i was bringing my own set of expectations on this trip. i realized that as i had my packed bags in the trunk of my car, i had me packed expectations in my head and my heart. here’s a little of what i packed today…

i expect to meet God this week

i expect to meet brothers and sisters this week

i expect to do some heart exploration this week

i expect to laugh a lot this week

i expect a lot of this to feel very natural

those are just some of my expectations… my list of hopes and dreams for the week is much more exhaustive, intimate and detailed.

no matter which way you cut it, my expectations are running deep for the national youth workers convention this week. i do promise a full report at the end of the week… but also keeping up-to-the-day reporting of the shenanigans i will find myself in the middle of. ok, really it will be the shenanigans that i will be instigator of.


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