not mine… when the boyfriend went away, any possibility of a wedding in the near future with me playing the bride was sent to outer space… hopefully it will return.

but needless to say, the festivities of the lifetime kick-off for Jeff and Katie’s marriage begin tomorrow. i report for duty at 4 p.m. at the location, but most likely it will be sooner than that… just because of my itty-bitty transportation issue.

in all of this, i have come to some conclusions… i do not want a big wedding. i want something somewhat spontaneous, that will surprise people. any bridesmaids will be instructed to purchase a classy, classic, cute black cocktail dress… and i will buy the cute, fun shoes.

the big business of weddings have really soured it all for me. but never the less, i am truly honored to be there and stand next to katie as her maid of honor as she commits her life to Jeff in front of family and friends. and as they together pledge to each other to remain in God and with God.


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