i did it!

I know… how could i do something like that… but it really wasn’t so bad afterall. here is how it all unfolded…

i was there. they were they. it was starring me down… ok so it really wasn’t starring me down, mostly because it does not have eyes, but if it did it would have. but there was the picture. it was bigger than life itself… ok not really, but you get the point. so i asked myself, “self, where will i have another chance to partake of such a great culinary delicacy? when will i be afforded the opportunity to experience something so Americana?”

there would no other time, really. so it did it. i took the bull by the horns, stepped up and ordered a deep fried white castle slider!

yep, it came with fries too! a good couple of pumps of ketchup from the never-ending jug and i was good to go.

i did it, i ate it and so far i am surviving it!

i will let you know tomorrow if i am still surviving … better yet, no word from me tomorrow… send out the troops!


One comment

  1. DOOD ABBY! Hi!! I was like, who the heck? FANTASTIC! No, I had no idea that Cody was down there, that’s neat. I didn’t expect anyone I knew to know what the heck Moorpark was. By the time I get there he’ll be gone, though.

    Wait — is that a deep-fried burger?

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