this is the day that we are supposed to set aside and remember. i suppose if i were in sacramento i would make a visit to a florist and then to the cemetery and place some flowers on the graves of my dad and grandpa. i would then stand there are remember all the wonderful times and experiences i had with my dad.

i would remember going to the movies with him, which allowed him to have the perfect excuse for getting the extra large tube of popcorn. i would remember going to museums with him and just wondering around and exploring new things, even if we had been to the museum… the Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento… and dozen or so time. i would remember how we would watch almost every cooking show that we could find, circa pre-Food Network, and would take in every technique and exotic food as a new a great discovery. i would remember the honest conversations we would have about everything… well at least almost everything.

most of all i would remember him being my best friend.


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