i want a man who will challenge me. challenge my thinking, the way i do things, the way i think, the why of my life. i want a man who is not afraid to stand up to me and call me on my stuff. yes i know that i can have an over bearing personality and can be so intimidating that many have run away with their tails between their legs… not because they were sheepish wrong… but because i came out on the defense and if they weren’t careful, they would loose those tales.

with all this to say, i have made a major discover in my, what seems like, never ending search for romantic-touchy-feely-i-want-to-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with-you-kind-of-love.

i have discovered that i want a guy who is willing to put me in my place, when appropriate and within appropriate bounds, and that will not be afraid to challenge me. a man who will be able to laugh with me, at me (again with appropriate boundaries) and lets me laugh at them.

yes i do have the idealistic prince charming riding in on a white horse. but what if the white horse is a semi-truck that he drives all over the continental united states as well as several canadian provinces? what if he does not fit the look of prince charming, but has enough gray hair to make him look 5-8 years older than he really is? what if he has a very full set of luggage and his baggage is over flowing, but not in a severely horribly bad way?

the problem with prince charming is that he is fake! there is nothing real about him. and in reality he does not exist. now, with that said, i do believe that there is a “prince charming” type for us. my heart does tend to learn towards the idea that God does create one for each of us… our match. i also believe that if we are seeking God throughout the midst of our never ending search, we will be placed on the radar of our “prince charming” before we ever really know it. We will also be able to hear and know because God will use others to confirm what He has planted in our hearts.


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