somehow my heart has become disconnected from my brain. not really sure how it happened, i just know that it has. in my effort to make a re-connection i have remembered the following…

the one thing that got me through college was the idea that i refused to settle. i refused to settle for what my family thought i should do, what my mom wanted me to do, what all the statistics said that i would end up doing. i refused to settle for easy and blazed a trail for Jesus.

so, now here i am in modesto, ca with a blazed trail behind me and a trail in front of me. i have no idea where the trail will lead, what it will look like or who i will meet on it. all i know is this: in order for me to stay on the trail that has already been blazed by Jesus i need to keep my eyes on Him to know where to go. I need to keep my mind focused on Him. I need to reign in my heart and keep it in line with Him.

i have strayed from the trail a bit, trying to blaze my own. come to find out, i really suck at blazing trails!


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