in staff meeting this morning we talked about being a safe place and that we need it to be a safe place in order for everyone to jump with us. as i sat there listening, i wondered what does it look like to jump.

several years back i went to the national youth workers convention in sacramento and the theme was jump. one of my youth worker friends was upset after the convention because it appeared that one of the ys guys said a “bad” word while hurling himself off the side of a perfectly good bridge all the while attached to a perfectly good bungie cord. beyond jumping from an airplane, i really didn’t know what that was about.

here is what i do know… i have a great tendency to jump feet first into situations, then once my head gets there and i actually have time to evaluate what is happening, and there have been the times that i regret having jumped. jumping requires trust. jumping can be fun.

i think the bottom line is that jumping is different for every situation. right now, for me, jumping to just doing.


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