final & change

there seems to be something about things being final and change. a week ago i released myself from the burden of a second job by quiting Borders. shelping books what not a bad gig, but balancing that with the rest of my life was really not worth the minimum wage position, but i will admit there were some great perks about the job… free-all-i-could-drink-iced tea was one and the discount was another.

i know i needed to end things. i was tired. i was run down. i was working seven days a week and really did not see the point. there was nothing i was gaining, but i realized on day that i was loosing plenty.

tonight i picked up my final borders pay check. a great moment to always get a check for more than you are expecting, a bit sad that it will be the last and highly disappointed that someone as educated as myself worked 30+ hours and the take home pay didn’t crack $200…. bummer!

i have come to a conclusion this past week. i need to make some changes. and they need to be made soon. i can’t put them off. i need to pay attention to what i going on in life and step up to the plate and swing the bat of responsibility, without expecting anything less than a grand slam.

more to come later!


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