i quit my job today!

ok, well I didn’t actually quit today. I did give my two-week notice… two weeks ago, but today was my last day.

about two months ago I began working at borders books here in modesto. I took the job to supplement my hours at YFC, because I am only there part time. starting there I knew that I would have to prove myself, not having worked retail in about twelve years, but never did I realize that I would have to start at the very bottom of the pile. everyday that I went to work at borders I did so as a great employee, giving one hundred and ten percent for the entire time I was there. I was considerably happy there.

there are three issues the brought me to tonight: first, I can’t work seven days a week, and my manager couldn’t understand that. second, I didn’t want to work sunday day or night, and my manager could not understand that either. third, I was having a hard time selling pornography. the last issue is the biggest for me, and the one filled with the most surprises!

I am a giant first amendment, free speech supporter. the two most beautiful things ever written is one the Bible and the second is the constitution of the united states. I will argue free speech until I am blue in the face because we all have the right to speak freely and without fear of being persecuted of what we are saying. and I do struggle where to draw the line on certain items, like hate speech and the. (not that I am a fan of hate speech)

so there I was, selling books and the other stuff that borders sells. my first customer that I sold pornography to was a middle aged, middle class man. he bought several magazines, one of which was a copy of playboy. when he approached the counter, playboy was sandwiched in between two other magazines. what struck me was not that he was attempting to somewhat hide the copy of playboy that he was purchasing, nor that he would not make eye contact with my, but that he a shiny gold wedding ring on his left ring finger. at that very moment a wave of sadness hit me like a ton of bricks. there I was helping this man to do something, not sure what really, but I know that the outcome cannot be good.

they are only pictures, what’s the big deal?

I recently read that in 2002 sacramento county’s divorce rate was eighty one percent. the number of couples I know whose marriage has been destroyed or significantly damaged because of sex and temptation is growing at an alarming rate. pornography fuels divorce, hurt, pain, suffering, temptation, unhealthy sexual attitudes and so much more. Many wives feel like they are not meeting their husband’s sexual needs because they are not fulfilling the fantasies that are being fueled by pornography. husbands are trading intimate, sexual experiences that God specifically designed to be shared with their wives with magazines, books, websites and dvds. husbands are searching for sexual gratification outside their marriage because society tells them they there is better sex to be had.

the truth is that God created sex, and it is good. He created sex to be between one man and one woman who are committed to be married, a commitment made in front of a body of fellow believers, for the rest of their lives. He created sex to be experiences shared between one man and one woman only, and not a third party or a book or a magazine or a movie or a website.

the lie here is that many will claim that pornography does not really hurt anyone because it only involves that one person who is interacting with it. the truth is that it hurts the wife who will not be able to live up to those sexual expectations that have been created in mind of the husband. this puts the marriage exactly where satan wants it to be… it serious trouble.


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