wow… it’s been a while!

tonight i saw a sea of 200+ teens worshiping our one true God. some had their hands raised high, others were standing, some where sitting and others were singing their hearts out. tonight was a night of joining with in a city to worship our one true God as best we could together.

there were small churches there, as well as large ones. there were small youth groups there as well as large ones. but none of that mattered. we gathered together to worship God and minster to one group of people.

tonight, during the first song, a group of young men carried a cross into the room and set it in the middle of the worship circle. the lights were trained on the location of the cross. as i stood and looked around the room i was struck with something about the cross.

the brilliance of the cross is not the it is available to everyone (which it is), nor that Jesus died on the cross for eveyone (which He did), but that God purposely choose the cross to be it. He choose for the cross to not only be the symbol of Christanity, but also for the purpose to have significance in all of our lives.

i will never truly know, nor will anyone else, how much it cost to see my sin upon the cross. i will never really know what that truly means for myself or the world. our reality as professing Christians is that we take all our sin and yucky stuff and place it before the cross. that we take all the stuff that bubbles in our heart, the stuff that causes us to turn out heads away from the direction of Jesus and place it before the cross.

the list of our sins can go on for miles and miles, but the questions remains… how long are we willing to live with those sins?


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