curious about loneliness

someone told me, recently infact, that i have been lonely for a long time and suffer from loneliness. ok, so their exact words were not you suffer from loneliness, but the implication was there. the funny thing is that i truly thought that i had dealt with that and had moved beyond it. have i gone back to it? was i just lying to myself all the while telling myself that i was dealing with it and really wasn’t dealing with it?

so what happens now… do i enlist the service of a therpaist? do i wallowing in it and think that i will get better? do i make life adjustments that will alter the way i am living my life through action action as well as deed?

well… no! i beging with the reserach:

according to wikipedia (i know it’s not the most reliable source… but it’s a decent place to begin… just get over it!) loneliness is a feeling of being cut off, disconnected from, and alienated towards, other people. really, how sad is this? that there is anyone who walks the earth and feels this way… bummer!

google produces 11 million hits for loneliness… from dealing with it to finding a therapist who specializes in clients who are “lonely” tis truly amazed me! we are a world full of lonely people, yet we have the tools to deal with it. wow… the world really needs to get over their stuff and suck it up!

if there is any one word that i could use that gives a full description of one feeling that i can say has been constant throughout my life… loneliness is the word.

so, in the post haze of the “research,” where am i left with all of the information? do i really just suck it up, get over it and move on with my life? or do i wallow in it?


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