i was doubtful…

there will come a point, at least i think there will be, when some company, person or entity can take something somewhere and reach their limit. that’s kind of the general idea i was getting about apple.

i love their products. i am on my 2nd ibook, only because my first one was stolen, i have an old imac, an old powerbook and an even older power mac that i got rid of before i moved to ceres. not to mention my ipod, shuffle and the general sense of aww and wonder i experience when ever i walk into a mac store… i am in love with apple products. please don’t get me wrong, i am not that materialistic, in fact my desire to have less “stuff” or “junk” or “crap” is increasing with ever passing day.

i has been and will continue to be a goal of mine to attend macworld one day and be there for the keynote address from steve jobs. having watched his addresses every year online is a great thing, but to see it in person… well, it’s the closest thing that i get to being a “groupie”!

the buzz began a while ago as to what apple was to unveil at this years macworld conference. the thing i noticed this year was that there really wasn’t anything exciting in the buzz that kept me on my toes waiting with baited breath as to what jobs would be unveiling. i noticed the news coverages: people sleeping outside of the masconey center waiting in line to be one of the select few to get a seat, almost minute by minute coverage as to what was happening as jobs presentation began and the various interviews with the tech reporters that were predicting what would be unveiled.

finally… all of the speculation came to an end and there it was… apples two new products: iPhone and iTV. now the iTV thing is a great convience, but then there is the iPhone. while the press was doing the great slaes job of selling the product for apple… i was disappointed. a phone… really… that was the big offer? i was not excited!

but then today, i took the time and actually introduced myself to apple’s new iPhone. oh my… this little gadget is amazing… i am smitten… i might need to buy one and switch over to cingular… oh wait, i can’t signed a two year contract this past fall with verizon… bummer.

anyways… i love this new phone. from the phone capabilities (amazing!) to the picture capabilities (amazing!) and then there is the internet capabilities (amazing!)… i know that i will want one… the only road block (beyond the above mentioned contract with current mobile service) is the price tag… just $499!



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