the world of music is just one click away

zachary, being a genius gift-er this christmas, gave me a $30 iTunes card this year. this is a great gift for me! i love iTunes. i can’t remember when the last time i bought an actual cd. sure i have sifted through the racks at borders as well as perused the racks at tower’s closing-everything-must-go sales… but every time i picked one up the i found interesting i wrote down the name and artist and then put it in my iTunes shopping cart for later purchase. (fyi… at any given time my iTunes cart has over $300 of music in it, just one click away from it being downloaded into my music library)

as i was putting zachary’s gift to good use the other day i had a flash back to about a year ago when my house was broken into and my computer was stolen. i felt like they had taken a part of me, even though all of my important docs and music was located on an external hard drive, i felt that a part of me had been maliciously taken away.

i love my music library… from the best worship music to the small, but fabulous, selection of country to oldies to the mysterious tracks that remain nameless… i have a wonderful music selection. that would really be sad if it disappeared one day. what then would i listen to? not like i can bust out my guitar and amuse myself musically… i can’t play my guitar and i no longer own my guitar.

what would life be like if Jesus was taken away from me? from us? from the world?

there were three days after Jesus died that He descended into hell. the world became dark, all hope was gone. but then He rose from the dead. and this was all part of the plan. the God inspired, God graced plan that is part of His unending demonstration of love for us… His creation.

truth be told i have a fascination with fire. when there is a candlelight service i am there. over the years the two annual services that feature candle lighting as part of the worship experience (Christmas eve and Good Friday) are the opposite ends of the human emotion. on december 24th we light a candle as a celebration of the birth of Christ, the hope of humanity made into human flesh. then on Good Friday we extinguish the light in the sorrow of Christ having died on the cross for each and everyone of us.

although i did appreciate the wallet full of gift cards that i received this past Christmas, my heart was very mellow and still is. contemplating the basic idea that we celebrate the birth of our Saviour with buying silly presents, baking cookies, making candy, decorating our homes to the nines with blinking lights and freshly cut trees, going into debt and stressing everyone out… left me a little cold this Christmas season.  if we took all the decorations, presents, candies, cookies and parties away we would still have the birth of Jesus to celebrate.

when my computer disapperaed from my house i did feel empty. but i have a new computer. so, what would i feel like if my Savior disappeared? would i be able to pull myself out of bed in the morning to face what the world has in store for me?

i truly have no idea.


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