seven hours and counting…

left until the year 2006 is completely over. i can honestly say that i am not sad that 2006 will be done and we are moving onto 2007, as a matter of fact i can’t wait for the new adventures that God will be guiding me on in 2007.

i was putting the final touches on my part of the new year’s eve lock-in today and i came across the passage in Matthew when Jesus was in Gethsemane and He says to God, ” Yet not as I will, but as you will.”

wow… Jesus knew what was coming, death! and not just a go-to-sleep-and-not-wake-up-painless-death, but being tortured by roman guards and hung from a cross death! ouch!  and yet knowing that, Jesus was willing to set aside His will and put God’s will first.

i love sacramento and completely desire to move back there as soon as possible. but i also must acknowledge that it is a comfort zone for me and my bottom line it that i was to be where God wants me to be. yes, it is my heart’s desire to move back to sacramento, but even greater is my desire to serve God and follow Him where He will take me.

in no way am i Jesus, nor do i play Him on tv, but He is the best example i have in my life of making decisions for God’s will and not your own.

when was the last time you placed God’s will above your own?


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