January 2007 harvester

Have you ever taken a moment while it’s raining and just listened to the rain? Just take a moment, sit down, close your eyes (ok, maybe not close your eyes because you might fall asleep) and just listen to the rain. Listen to how is hits your house or window or the ground. Listen to how is hits the aluminum rain gutter outside with a constant ping that would drive some people crazy. Taking time to listen to something as simple as the rain is an act that many don’t do, usually because it takes time.

Time is a precious commodity in our culture, something that many of us ask God for more of when we seem to run out. We place high value on those who show up on time, or early even, and dismiss those who show up late. We punch clocks when we get to work and leave. We even time stamp library books. Time is valued a great deal in our culture.

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord
We will wait upon the Lord
We will wait upon the Lord
– from Everlasting God, by Brenton Brown and Ken Riley

Inspired by Isaiah 40, Brenton Brown wrote Everlasting God as a prayer that he was living at the time he wrote the song. What peaks my curiosity about the song, beyond that it’s a great piece of music and easy to sing along and worship with, is that it is a promise that we will wait upon the Lord.

Waiting on God is a foreign concept that many of us to not know nor is it something that we yearn for. In fact it is something that completely rejects what our culture tells us about time. We are to have things happen now, because we want our instant gratification. We want God to heal, but in our way. We want God to be here, but not in such a way that will shake things up or change things. Our God, our one true and faithful God, will in no way abandoned the good works that He has began and set into place. He will see everything through to the complete end because He is more faithful than we could ever hope to be ourselves.

Taking time to listen to the rain is very much like taking time to listen for God and waiting on Him. His timing is perfect, where ours is not. In order for us to hear His voice, we often need to slow down, take a breath and spend some time waiting for His voice to become clear. As our culture becomes more and more impatient, we loose the ability to just sit and wait on God. We forget that we need Him in every aspect of our lives and cannot do good work for the Kingdom without His guidance and His voice being loud in our lives.

When was that last time you took time to listen for God’s voice?


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