don’t forget to breath!

this season is full of places to go, people to see, lists to keep up with and other assorted  things that seem to suck dry your time and energy this time of year. with all of the extra stuff piled on, it’s easy to forget to do some of the basic things like spending time with God, and after-all Jesus is the reason for the season.

i realized today that i truly have no idea how to do life without God, and am clueless on how other people do it without God. i do want to make clear that by no means do i plan, nor do i have any intention to do life without God, but i began to ponder the thought of what it could possibly be like without Him. many time i have heard people say that they have no idea how someone who get through a certain situation without being a believer, so today while battling the Christmas rush, i began to ponder what life might look like without God.

in the midst of pondering said topic i came to a conclusion. although Jesus is the reason for the season, i get so busy with the actual season that i forget about the actual reason for the season. Jesus becomes such a secondary thing to buying gifts, parties, planning events and everything else involved in the christmas season.

it then occured to me that the basic necessity for everyone, but Christians specificaly, is that we need Jesus even more so in our lives this time of year. out of the twelve months in the calendar year, december is the month that we need a good swift kick of Jesus. and i don’t mean the cute little baby in the manger Jesus, but the turning the tables over in the temple courts Jesus.

as Christians we are supposed to be proclaiming that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, and nothing can replace Him in our lives. but at this time of year we become so busy with the other parts of Christmas that we often forget the necessity for the season… Jesus.

what would happen if we were to forget to breath? (luckily we can’t, it being an involuntary thing and all) we would die. black and white, we would die!  what happens when we forget Jesus? well, honestly we die. but it’s not an instant death, it’s a slow and painful one, which has many opportunities for redemption.


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