i love this guy…

He’s a Hasidic Jewish Hip-Hop Reggae artist.. and he’s amazing.

This is an excerpt from an AIM interview with Matisyahu:
EdinMusic: How abut the title track?
MatisyahuYouth: “Youth” came from the Lubavitch Rebbe’s writing that youth and rebellion.
MatisyahuYouth: He said that “the youth will reject a hollow spirit of falseness, like the body rejects poison.”
MatisyahuYouth: I thought that was dope.
MatisyahuYouth: Defining for me for sure.
MatisyahuYouth: Rebellion isn’t the fault of those actually doing the rebellion; it’s that something is off, and needs to be fixed.

i find the bold-ed part very interesting. all of the current research about youth and spirituality are echoing the same things… youth are looking for deeper things. they want meaning and are beginning to reject the flashy methods of youth ministry that so many of us use and still think are really effective ministry tactics.


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